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Private Lessons

Do you want more in-depth instruction or a lesson that is more catered to your specific needs? Why not try private lessons? I can help hone in on your skills or help you get ready for your wedding day! I can even come and teach at your wedding or corporate events.

To sign up, please contact me directly through email or by phone.


* Private Lessons: $75

** Create Your Own Lesson: Get a Quote

*(Up to two people in a lesson)

**(Base on how many people will be in the lesson)

Private Lessons

Private lessons are great to help improve you skills technically to bring your dance skill to a whole other level.

Or if you just want to learn a specific dance for an event or a fun date night.

* Package Bundles are available upon request

Image by S. H. Gue

Create Your Own Lesson

Get your friends and family together for a fun and unique time! When you "Create Your Own Lesson" you get to choose


1) what dance you want to learn

2) length of lesson

3) to have a dance afterword

This is also great for wedding couples who want to learn a dance or two with their friends and family (that way they aren't the only ones who will know how to dance at their wedding

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